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597 Cemetery Road Keyser, WV 26726

What packages do you offer?


We offer a traditional burial ceremony. We not only assist you in the planning phase in a kind and compassionate way, but we also can allow for you to arrange your affairs so that when the time comes for you to pass on, your burial is planned for. Or, if you’re in the difficult position of saying goodbye to someone you love, we will help you get everything in order so that when it’s time to lay them to rest, every detail is accounted for. Contact us today through our phone or through one of our contact boxes and we can answer questions or discuss arrangements. 

Are there payment plans available if I am unable to pay right now?


It is our mission statement to serve the Potomac community in providing a peaceful and maintained cemetery for everyone in the community. We understand that sometimes a loss can happen suddenly and we offer payment plans. We also allow for a grave space or headstone to be paid in increments. If you have further questions or would like to discuss if you qualify for financial assistance then please reach out through our phone number or by filling out one of our contact boxes.


Do I have to make an appointment to discuss available cemetery plots?

We are available to discuss all questions regarding cemetery availability or payment plans. However, if you are unable to come during the day you can make an appointment with us by calling our number. Availability in our cemetery may be changing and we can never guarantee a place is available. It is always best to call ahead or visit our grounds to learn how much availability we currently have. 

Are the grounds upkept?

Yes, we have a beautiful and serene location that is highly taken care of, our paths and benches are all clean and clear of any debris and our plant life is well maintained. We offer a place in all our headstones for the placement of flowers so that you can remember your loved ones fondly without having to worry about your arrangements being swept away. If you have further questions regarding our site feel free to stop by the cemetery and see our landscape. We pride ourselves on having a beautiful and well kept place for your loved one's final resting place. 

Where are you located?

We are located in West Virginia and we service the Potomac community. While our main area of service is Potomac if you or a loved one would like to check for availability in our plots we are open to that. To check availability with our cemetery please reach out to us through our phone number or by filling out one of our contact boxes. We cannot always guarantee availability so if you are concerned about space and do not live in the Potomac area please make sure to call ahead.

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